The Extraordinary Family Era


The fulfilment of biblical prophecies is the mark of our day. Thus, the activation of prophetic utterances into is most essential to believers’ good success in this generation.

On the Day of Pentecost, Peter activated the prophetic utterance of Joel on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to his audience (Acts 2:16-20; 38-47). This resulted in great triumph of the church. You have been highly placed by God to activate Isaiah 55 into fulfilment.

Isaiah 55 is Messianic prophecy for the believer in Christ that must fulfil in your lifetime. Therefore, as you set this prophet utterance into motion in your life, be on the lookout at all times for its practical fulfilment in your daily walk.

The Holy Spirit is out there to glorify the risen Lord Jesus in you by carrying out into fruition the prophetic statement in this chapter as you activate them through prayer and declaration.

The Lord predicted your greatness even before you were born. This is the period of fulfilment off the prophecy. You must therefore be violent in prayer and set the prophecy in motion by speaking out the 30 prevailing declarations below.

The decree below is God’s ruling for His Extraordinary Ones proclaimed by the Prophet Isaiah.

The 55th chapter of Isaiah is one of the unique prophecies for fulfilment in our time therefore engage it into action. The message of the prophecy reveals the surpassing Grace of God released upon his people for customisation, personalisation and actualisation to bring out the fulfilment in the era we live in to His glory.


  1. The priceless spiritual abundance of the Father is flooding my life in the name of Jesus.
  2. The good of the land is yielding itself to me without cost as directed by the Holy Spirt.
  3. People of the other lands are coming to me to learn of the practical working of God’s mercies.
  4. My life is displaying the splendour of the lord by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  5. I seek the Lord with all my heart and find him always in Christ Jesus.
  6. I call upon the lord for quick response at all times and He hears me.
  7. I forsake wickedness and live right before the lord daily.
  8. My repentant heart always receives pardon from my gracious Lord.
  9. The mind and ways of the Lord gives me direction gloriously for excellent living.
  10. I am clothed with the higher ways and deeper thoughts of the Lord.
  11. The heavenly abundance is carrying me along in a wonderful way like a food.
  12. The blessing of the kingdom is pouring upon my life daily like rain.
  13. The Holy Spirit gives for the miracle I need all day long instantly.
  14. My Prosperous life is bringing glory to the Lord by drawing people to Christ.
  15. I go out in joyful heart with the oil of gladness on my head above my fellows.
  16. I am being led out in peace and come in protected by the Lord constantly.
  17. My needs and wants are replaced with plenty, resulting in singing wherever I go.
  18. Joyful praise to God’s glory has swallowed up the problems in my life.
  19. Instead of suffering I am prospering and in good success by the power of God.
  20. In place of thorny issues, I am successful and living a fulfilling life in Christ.
  21. The name of the Lord is exalted in my life, resulting in the salvation of others.
  22. The glory of the Lord upon me is drawing many to Christ for transformation.
  23. I see and experience the sign of the ceaseless abundance from on high.
  24. This everlasting agreement between the Lord and me shall never be cut off.
  25. The mouth of the Lord has spoken and I activate all in my life now in the name of Jesus.


The faithfulness and power of God endures forever. Therefore, act on the direction above by declaring them every day because it is “The place the sole of your foot will tread upon, He will give you’’. The sole of your foot has trodden on Isaiah 55 for the Lord to give it to you as you declare them continually and consistently. Also it is what “You see well, He will hasten to perform”. You have seen Isaiah 55 verywell that it relates to you so the Lord will accelerate to perform it in your life. For that reason, make the above declaration an integral part of your life and expect the results always.

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