By Elijah Abeeku Nkrumah As I was meditating on the word of God and the personality of GRACE, I kept asking how one can understand what this grace is about. One great preacher I love so much defines grace as ‘unmerited, unearned divine favour’- Joseph Prince. Unmerited meaning not merited or deserved, unearned meaning not gained by merit or labour or service, divine meaning emanating from God or resulting from supernatu

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  Head pastor of RRC A/G, Apostle Alex Nkrumah, has urged ‘big’ churches in the national capital, Accra and other regional capitals to refocus their attention on villages and smaller towns and support them. Apostle Nkrumah who was speaking in an exclusive interview with Restoration News said that people in Ghana’s villages and smaller towns are really suffering and that support from well-to-do individuals and churches will go a long way to augment their pligh