Joy Fellowship

Joy, like a river in our souls as one of the auxiliaries of the Womens Ministry of the

Assembly of God Church,Ghana has its target being to educate and encourage working

Women who have a passion for the work of God,but due to time constraint are unable to do so or get involved in evangelismwhich is the true call of God to all his people.



Aside our core mandate evangelize and win souls for Christ ,some of the activities we undertook were:


  1. A prayer session with our in-house prophet,Pastor Akwesi Boateng,and a get-together inviting all the other departments in the local church.
  2. A talk on prayer with Mrs.Adwoa Boateng
  3. Talk on financial management by Ms.Osei Ntem
  4. Talk on how to deal with in-laws by Mad.Magaret Fynn
  5. Our annual bring and share meetings
  6. A talk on commitment to crown the year by Prof.kudoonu


Our finanaces are mainly generated internally from offerings at meetings,dues(which most members owe arrears to)and a lot of leviesas our members are fulfilling scripture of being fruitful and multiplying.Our attendance to meetings has inproved drastically over the years although most of our meetings are disrupted with both internal and external activities which clash with our meeting times.



Our project for the upcoming year is to go out and do more evangelism,which we will add to our talks,seminars and party as it has been of much use and help to the attendies of such seminars