• This church exists to present people perfect in Christ; by teaching God’s word to grow believers in the faith, to worship God in Spirit and in truth; to evangelize the unsaved; to unearth the potentials of members; to build a healthy relationship with other believers, to help the weak and needy; to serve one another in love and to be disciples of Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Our Vision is “To Present Believers Perfect in Christ”– Col. 1:28
  • Behold, I, am a sign and a wonder in my generation.

RRC was born in 1990 after six years of prayer and fasting by Apostle Dr. Alex Nkrumah and wife Elizabeth. Three years as a lay worker, Alex fasted and prayed fervently for an open door to plant a church in Roman Ridge. He continued to pray for the Roman Ridge and Airport Residential Area community during his theological education at Southern Ghana Bible College. While in the Bible college, Apostle Alex continued earnestly in prayer and fasting for God to open a door for the birth of Revival Restoration Centre. His wife was in full agreement with him in prayer even though they were going through severe financial hardships coupled with character assassination by fellow brethren. But they stood firm in their God given vision for Roman Ridge and Airport Residential Area for God to glorify his name.

Six weeks after his graduation from the Bible College, the Lord led them to one John Addae Nyarko who gladly opened his home for him to begin what he believes God has called him to do in Roman Ridge. They held the first Sunday Service in the sitting room of Mr. Nyarko with nine brethren and two children; some of whom are now ministers of the Gospel. The rest are strong believers serving the Lord in various capacities elsewhere.

Two weeks later the church moved out of Mr. Nyarko’s sitting room and started worshipping under a tree in the house. They made temporal coverings of used cloths and other materials by the side of the tree to prevent worshippers from the scourging sun. At the infant state of the church, several attempts were made by all sorts of persons to destroy it. But God turned the destructive attempts into constructive growth of RRC.

A year later the new church was able to buy tents, canopies and some benches for service. The following year the believers were able to put up a temporal structure in the house for worship, purchase a few chairs and some musical equipments. Even though the place of worship was dusty because the landlord did will not allow us to cement the ground nor cover the structure, the believers were committed to the Lord who kept adding to the church every week.

When the church was five years the Lord led Pastor Alex to send an application to the governmental authorities for the release of a piece of land for a permanent place of worship for the church. After much prayer and fasting the Lord granted the request through the authorities concerned. The result is our current place of worship. It looked almost impossible in the eyes of men to get a land in Roman Ridge for a church, but after forty days of fasting and prayer the Lord made it possible for us to own this property to the amazement of all.

Having gotten the land, we quickly put up a semi permanent structure in anticipation for the church complex we have in mind to build to the glory of God. We started the construction of the office in the year 2000 and the Lord helped us to finish in 2006.

After much prayer and waiting on the Lord for the construction of this Temple, He led us to start the construction in 2007. So on Sunday 23rd. September 2007 at 10am, the whole church stood on this ground and cut the sod for work to begin on The Lord’s Temple. On that day the servant of the Lord declared “The Temple I am going to build will be great, because our God is greater than all other gods” (2 Chron.2:5). Looking at the numbers of the church and the working class, there was absolutely no resources to finance this ambitious project, especially when the man of God said “God will put roof on the building within thirty six (36) months”. But the man of God kept saying that the Temple is for God so we should understand that “It is not by might nor by power but by my Spirit, says the Lord” (Zach. 4:6). Truly the progress of work on this magnificent Temple is the direct hand of God that has accomplished this remarkable project in such a record time of six years as we are all witnessing today. All the glory, and honor and thanks to him and him alone forever and ever.

From the foundation to the finishing of this project, every work done on this Temple has been carefully guided by the Lord at every stage. Several prophetic actions, declarations, directions and pronouncements have fulfilled positively as we can see today. The Lord told us on the day we cut the sod that this Temple will be finished in six years time. Even though we all forgot that prophecy, but when Pastor announced in January this year that this Temple will be dedicated at the last quarter of the year, somebody drew Pastor’s attention to the fact that “There was a prophecy on the sod cutting day that the temple will be dedicated in six years time”.

The God of all grace has enabled us through the power of the Holy Spirit to build this Temple to his glory. He has truly fulfilled his good promises through us in the name of Jesus. There are still more things to do and by his sustaining grace he will equip us to do greater things to His glorious name.


Church Services


At the heart of our church is to save souls and present Christians blameless hence we organize yearly outreach missions to teach the word and reach out to all

Credit Union

Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations that exist to serve their members. Join our credit union today, save a minimum of 50Ghs monthly and watch your money grow


Led by GOD through our father in Christ Apostle Dr. Alex Nkrumah we roll out spirit filled events some of which include Decision, Altitude summit, Journey of faith, Gethsemane hour among others.

Restore Aid

Our restore aid aims to support members in distress by donating to members who are victims of varieties of calamities. we also support needy but brilliant students with scholarships.

Our Weekly Service Schedule


Youth Meeting - 6pm


Y's, Bold believers,Men Ministry and Women ministry - 6pm


Faith Builders Service - 6pm


Gethsemane Hour


Faith Extenders service


Faith Advancing service (Sunday Service)


Francis Adom Malm

Deacon in charge of Treasury & Pastoral Cases

Jonathan Tettey

Deacon in charge of Evangelism, Follow Ups &Youth

Justice Anthony Oppong

  Deacon in charge of Church Service & Music Dept.

Lt. Col. Godwin Azera

Deacon in charge of Property, Men Ministry & Security

Patricia Asafo-Adjei

Deacon in charge of Women Ministry & Welfare

Rabiana Azare Amandi

Deacon in charge of Business Management & Global Opportunities

Samuel Love Doe

Deacon in charge of New Members & Secretary to the Church