As an auxiliary under WM,we exist to promote the spiritual development of Young Single Ladies for effective Christian living and service.In line with this vision,seversl programmes were organized for the physical and spiritual development of our members during the year under review. Some of these programmes were cooking,relationship seminars,evangelism,prayer sessions and Bible studies.




In this report however, highlights of key programmes and challenges encounted during the year made.





COOKING:    This is mainly done by some members of the group.The group was thought how to prepare Gizzard and Pepper sauce by Phidelia Kumasah.


RELATIONSHIP SEMINARS:    This was treated by our abled resource persons from the Men Ministry and the Women Ministry   Father Abraham Torti-Choosing the right partner and Mrs Stella Oppong – How to know Gods will concerning your life and among many others.


WEDDINGS(BRIDAL SHOWER AND PARADES): Nine(9) of our members got married during the year under review.




Out of about eighty(80) membership,our average weekly attendance ranged between twenty to twenty five (20-25).Executives are also unable to invite resource persons from both outside and within because the number in attendance  is always discouraging and this to a large extent affect our programmes.


Lateness to meetings;  Members are mostly late for meetings


We have difficulty in organisin certain programmes because most of our members work on weekends.