Missionette was set-up to help girls find their places in the Local Church,make career choices,become good home makers and go out to evangelize.




  1. To win the girls to Christ.
  2. To challenge the girls to develop their talents and talents for a happy useful life.
  3. To give Bible based guideline to young Christian girls.
  4. To help the girls develop Christian relationship and consideration for others.

GROUPS: The Missionette is divided into three (3) groups

  1. DAISIES:The beginners: 5-9 years
  2. PRIMES: The primary missionette 10-13 years
  3. JUNIOR and SENIOR MISSIONETTE: 14 and above

ACTIVITY- During the year Missionette

Sponsors  had a seminar at Liberty A/G where we prayed for the children and learnt many things.examples are:

  1. How to prepare programmes before meeting your girls.
  2. Call them by their names.
  3. Show love towards them.
  4. Be good
  5. Value them.
  6. Know them by their strength.
  7. Create condusive environment for learning.
  8. Be,fair and not too hard on them.
  9. To tolerate all children and treat them equally.
  10. Know their problem and care for them .etc

Locally we did not do much due to Saturday classes attendance and long distance between Church and residences.

WAY FORWARD; Planning to have convenient time for our meetings.