It is not about the coat of many colours but His Presence

Last week Sunday was the fourth Sunday in the month of August. It also marked Day 25 of the 2019 Altitude Summit. There was a special song ministration from an award-winning musician; Minister Eugene Zuta.

Rev Andrews Nelson Awintia, Resident Pastor of Bethel Family A/G, Ashaiman ministered on the day to climax his week for this year’s Summit.  He preached on a message titled; ‘It is not about the coat of many colours but His Presence.’

Sermon Pointers

Bible Texts: (Genesis 37:1-50; Genesis 3-15; Genesis 18-20; Genesis 23-32; Genesis 43:26)

  1. Joseph was loved by His father Jacob and was given a Coat of Many Colours which was a symbol of Authority and Dignity.
  2. The Coat of Many Colours was taken away from Joseph, however, they could not take the Presence of God from him. The Presence of God was still living in him.

– Your Coat of Many Colours is what God has placed inside of you, and it cannot be taken away from you irrespective of the challenges.

– A man who has the Fiery Presence of God in him will never see his dreams aborted. Your dreams cannot be destroyed.

– God watches over His Word to perform and establishes His Word. If you want to serve God, give Him the best you have.

– Success is from God and it cannot be taken from you.

– The Blessings of God are irrevocable.

  1. Joseph was a model of Integrity in times of Adversity and Prosperity. Irrespective of what Joseph went through, the Light of God was seen in his life.- Whatever God’s says in your life must see the light of day regardless of what happens. When you walk in God’s will, He will make your will possible.

– You should not be envious of anyone. Learn to celebrate others when they are prospering.

– Learn from the great people God has used, rather than pulling them down or conspiring against them. When you learn from one another, you will also become greater.

– Never pay anyone back with evil.

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