More youths needed for Missions – DrPhil


President of Eagle Projects International (EPI,) Dr. Phil Eyster, has said that younger people are need to be part of the church’s annual Missions Outreach to ensure that success rates are higher as well as sustain the project.

Dr. Eyster who spoke in an exclusive interview with Restoration News’ Dela Annang, explained that the team needs young people who have lots of energy, can wake up very early in the mornings and stay up late at night and who can do that for a whole week will help the team continue successfully on its 17-year journey of bringing positive change to lives in Ghana.

He disclosed that the purpose of the Missions Outreach is to go out and plant churches in some locations and that has been the resolve of RRC and EPI.

“Every year, Pastor Alex goes out, looks for a location, works with the pastors in those areas and looks out for places to plant churches.”

…This requires people. Ideally, it takes probably 60 people or more to actually do the work. It takes people to cook the food, drive the cars, lead worship, preach, carry things and move the stuff around.”

“The same team comes back every year but after 17 years a lot of the people are getting worn out, it’s going to require teenagers, he said.

He blessed members of RRC for their commitment to Missions over the years and assured members of his outfit’s commitment to partnering RRC in 2018.

“God, bless you, I love you and I will see you next year because I will be back the same time next year which will probably be March 3rd,” he concluded.

Dr. Eyster’s EPI has worked in dozens of countries on six continents evangelising, training, and planting churches since 1989.

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