The place of music in our worship


Music has been and continues to be a pivotal part of the assembling of believers in Christ Jesus.

This claim is substantiated by the evidence afforded in the history of man in the pages of scripture.

The first mention of musical instruments is made in Genesis 4:21, where Jubal-Cain the son of Lamech and Adah is referred to as the first of people to play the harp and flute (NLT).

There is further evidence the morning stars singing during the setting of the foundation of the earth as stated in Job 38:7.

Furthermore, there is the record of Elisha the Prophet of God noted to have requested for a musician to be brought to play as his help was being sought to make the hidden things known.

In the book of Ephesians chapter 5 verses 18-19, singing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to each other and making melodies in our hearts unto the Lord follows being filled with the Spirit.

This gives breathe to the undisputed fact that the essence of music to a believer transcends the physical; it is more spiritual and should be treated as such. To crown all this is the fact that King David under the inspiration of GOD instituted for some of the Levites namely those of the household of Asaph, Heman and Jeduthan the offices of musician according to 1 Chronicles 25.

These Levites were to minister continually the presence of the Lord in the tabernacle.

They were to prophesy with their instruments declaring the messages of God. We know that according to the Apostle Paul in his first book to the Corinthian church he unequivocally brings to bear what prophecy is meant to achieve that is to edify, exhort and comfort.

This, therefore by inference means that the Levites whose work as designed by God through the man of God, David was fundamentally supposed to edify the people who came to the tabernacle to worship God, not just that but also to exhort and comfort them.

They in the light of the above deductions were actively involved in the building of the faith of the believers who came there to worship.

These Levites reported directly to the king and our case the King is our LORD Jesus Christ.

This means that anyone occupying the place of the Levites in the time needs to make a conscious effort to be in fellowship with the Lord Jesus and know what he has for his church by way of music and also giving honour to the priest who minister I the tabernacle knowing that they are very important support to the work of the priests.

They above all should know what the message of God is for every moment so as to declare it for timely result in the mist of His people.

By the above succinctly expressed inferences from the pages of scripture it is clear that music is unalienable in our worship.

This, therefore means that music should be given the needed attention if any church is going to thrive and experience depths of intimacy that few men have experienced.

At this point it is important to note that in Heaven there are scores of angels continually in worship in songs unto the one who sits on the throne.

Not just that but there are victory songs that will be sung in Heaven.

Prominent among the songs that will be sang are the songs of Moses and of the Lamb. There are angels in Heaven with harps to be played.

Even the anointed CHERUB THAT COVERETH Lucifer, who had responsibility to oversee the worship of God was fashioned with tumbrels or drums and wind instruments like the flute all to afford heaven the beauty of music in glorifying GOD.

I ask this question then, that if the I AM did all this to have music to form an integral part of worship then can we ever excuse music in our worship of the creator of music?


Article by Yayra Nuapah

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