RRC marks 25 years with incredible fashion  

Members of Revival Restoration Centre (RRC), a local assembly of Assemblies of God Ghana located at Roman Ridge, Accra during its 25th Anniversary celebrations spared the anniversary cloth of the usual ‘Kaba and Slit’ and introduced as diverse styles to usher the celebrations home.

The flair and pencil skirts were seen flying round while some of men sown jackets out of the cloth.


The traditional wrapping of cloth among the Akan men was not missing on the day as the famous ‘Gele’ headgears were worn by some women to match the men.


The children decided to match up to the adults by wearing clothes with rarely sown fashion styles beaming with amazing looks.


The Chief Justice of the Republic of Ghana, Her Ladyship Justice Georgina Theodora Wood, who joined several clergymen and politicians as the special guest of honour, was spotted in a white blouse matching it with a slit and a wrapper sown from the anniversary cloth.


She accessorized with white beads.


At an anniversary lunch held after the ceremony, members and guests were treated to good local delicacies and a display of pure Ghanaian fashion.


A cake made in the likeness of the church auditorium was cut and twenty-five (25) champagnes popped to climax the event.


The guest list comprised politicians, businessmen, diplomats, clergymen, chiefs and well-wishers from across the country.


We present some the moments captured on camera by our team;


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