Music Dept holds carols service

The Music Department of Revival Restoration Centre (RRC) on December, 21, 2016, treated members and patrons of its annual carols service to good music, choreography and stage drama as part of the activities to mark the birth of Jesus Christ [Christmas].

The service saw hundreds of people come from various walks of life to participate in the celebration of the birth of the Messiah.

Ministering on the eventful night were the splendid Restorers, the superb Youth Choir and the marvellous Ministers of Grace, the Excellent Kidz and the RRC choreography team.

The night begun with a fascinating time of worship and praise led by the School of Worship.

The event quickly shifted from to the reading of lessons by some selected members of the Church followed by song ministrations by the various choirs.

The songs ranged from regular popular Christmas English carols to local Akan songs.

The congregation were enchanted by these beautiful melodies as most were either seen singing along or dancing to the tunes.

The choreography team also displayed dance moves to the admiration of the congregation.

The ministration that captivated the congregation was the stage drama performed by the Excellent Kidz.

Wearing various clothes depicting shepherds, prophets and even angels, the kids entertained the gathering with a drama titled: “In the fullness of time.”

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